Persian Garden EP

by Vagabon

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released November 7, 2014

Cover by Kaela Chambers
Physical copies of this EP are sold out, maybe forever.

All music by Lætitia Tamko
Lætitia (guitars, vocals)
Zeb Stern(drums)
Eamon Mcmullen (2nd guitar)
Eva Lawitts (bass)

Addiontial credits:
Debbie Rodriguez: violin on "Vermont II"
Morgan McMullen: lap steel, banjo on "Shadows"
Mixed by eamon mcmullen

Recorded in Dobbs Ferry,NY and a basement in Brooklyn, NY.


all rights reserved



Vagabon New York, New York

"Vagabon finds various ways to flood the senses. It’ll either come in a harrowing lyric that sticks in the conscience, or it’ll arrive from a soft drone that gradually envelops"- DIY Magazine

"Infinite Worlds" out Feb 24 2017 via Father Daughter Records
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Track Name: Cold Apartment Floors
i know its my fault, i gave up on everything
and i see you happy, it warms my heart.

and we said its not the end but she wore that white dress
and i changed, we are not the same but i thought you’d wait.

so we sit on my cold apartment floor where we thought we’d stay in love.
Track Name: Shadows
you said you’d move to colorado
where the sun and moon is always blue.
‘just go your way and follow your shadow, it will never lead you astray’

so we move to the mountains, we move to the ocean, we move.

take me as i am, clothes or bare, with despair.

we’ll take a walk to wherever you are
where they sell the souls of men.
take your pain and go home to her once again.
Track Name: Vermont II
i’ve been hiding in the smallest spaces
‘i’m dying to go, this is not my home’.
(freddy?) come back i know you love vermont
but i thought i had more time.
freddy come back i know you love where you are
but i think i changed my mind.
you say ‘i will never change my ways’
you won’t work for the government that lost your sister.
Track Name: Heroine
winter came around to see if you were still in town.
your neighbors pretend to cry.
‘he was a nice man’
they said after you died.
they slip your mail under your doorsteps.
knock twice and tell me you’re here.
your neighbors say they haven’t seen you in days,
the smoke from your bedroom gave you away.
'take the needle out of your arm, honey’

winter will never be the same now that you’re back to your old ways.
Track Name: Vermont
you moved up north to find yourself, so lost in houston.
you packed your bags and took a flight
you’re leaving your moms house.

now i see your face in every crowd
new york is so fucking loud.
you never used to take the train downtown
you loved the trees and vermont.

maybe i overlooked the signs, should’ve seen the deceit you carried around well i chose to love a lie and i’m broken but i'm healing.
Track Name: Sharks
i feel so small, my feet can barely touch the floor on the bus
where everybody is tall.
i surrender myself to the demons that carry them.
i’m sorry i lost your cat
its just that i was so damn mad.

run and tell everybody that laetitia is
a small fish

i’m just a small fish.

and you’re a shark that hates everything.
you’re a shark that eats every fish.

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